Grissom Regional Defense Alliance was created in an effort to “enhance regional cooperation for continued defense growth and development in “North Central Indiana” .  We do this by a Joint effort between the Miami County Economic Development Authority and the Grissom Community Council.

The Alliance Mission Statement:

“to enhance regional cooperation for continued defense growth and development in North Central Indiana”

The GRDA is committed to a long term strategy – not focused on a single project.

Four Major Centers of Focus;

  • Protect: Protecting the Grissom airfield from encroachment during economic development growth
    • Pursue construction of a 2nd runway (civilian owned) at Grissom-create additional flexibility in airbase operations and reduce/avoid shutdowns due to certain weather conditions or airfield maintenance on one runway
    • Pursue FAA to incorporate Grissom into National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS)
      • Once in NPIAS, pursue Military Airports Program (MAP) funding for civil aviation projects to include 2nd runway, ramp rehabilitation, hangars, etc
      • Only airport in Indiana eligible for MAP funding
  • Grow: Grow military presence at Grissom by adding active duty, reserve, national guard units or other assets of the DOD
    • Pursue KC-46 tanker assignment to Grissom
    • Pursue transfer of displaced KC-135 tankers to Grissom from McConnell and Pease AFBs (both now chosen to exchange current KC-135s in future for KC-46s)
    • Investigate former National Guard interest in old Steam Plant Area on Grissom Aeroplex-capitalize on use of existing adjacent Grissom ARB facilities
    • Pursue consolidated mobility equipment processing facility with HQ United States Air Force Civil Engineers
    • Develop a presentation/talker on Grissom’s advantages, excess capacity; answer the question, “Why Grissom?”
    • Investigate our competitor bases
      • Identify strengths
      • Identify weaknesses
  • Pursue
    • Pursue DOD Contracts and other Federal uses of Aeroplex property
      • Work with the State of Indiana to develop and implement a marketing strategy for DOD aircraft manufacturing at Grissom
        • Include existing Indiana businesses/educational opportunities
          • GE Aviation, Roll-Royce, Dean Baldwin Aircraft Painting
          • Purdue University, Ivy Tech, etc
        • Investigate and establish a relationship with the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) chapters in Indiana to further DOD Contractors at Grissom Aeroplex
  • Educate:
    • Continually educate local, regional, State, and Federal elected officials and community leaders/ organizations on Grissom’s ARBs advantages and opportunities for growth
    • Membership/involvement in the Community Council
    • Work with 434th Air Refueling Wing to generate and maintain an asset list – including
      • Number of personnel assigned
      • Number of aircraft assigned
      • Number of sorties scheduled/flown
      • Additional capacity/capability
        • Aircraft Parking Ramp
        • Acreage
        • Facilities/hangars
        • Maintenance and supply chain advantages
          • Cost savings on existing training facilities and experience
          • Cost savings on existing maintenance tools and parts inventory
        • Economic impact
        • KC 135 Simulator
        • Hilltop Military Operating Area (MOA) and other special use airspace
        • Airfield Installation Compatibility Use Zone (AICUZ) Study results
        • Air Traffic Control Tower/Radar Approach Control (RAPCON) capability
        • Fire/Crash Rescue capability
        • Fuel Storage Capability and Underground Fuel Hydrant System status